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Hina Dolls
Hina Dolls
These dolls are called Jirosaemonhina, which can be classified as Muromachi Hina dolls, one of the two schools of Hina dolls in those days. They were completed in the Horeki period. These dolls in an archaic mood are characterized by the round face with hooked noses and subtle thin eyes, a drawing technique of human face frequently employed in the Heian period. They were loved by feudal lords and the nobility until the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate. In spite of the fact that the origins of the majority of dolls are in many cases impossible to trace, these particular dolls that Seisonkaku houses have their clues written underneath. According to the information available, the dolls were presented by the 12th lord Narihiro to Takako, a daughter of the Takatsukasa family who married into the Maeda family when they celebrated her first Girls' Festival.

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