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Embroidered Costume on Pale Blue Crepe
Embroidered Costume on Pale Blue Crepe
Here is a splendid costume that shows the story of Genji embroidered on pale blue crepe. Drawn on the upper part of the costume are some sparrows floating above cherry blossoms and in the mist, a description of spring scenes in the "light purple" chapter of the story of Genji. Drawn on the lower part of the costume are red leaves, a big drum and aconites, a description of autumn scenes in the "red leaves" chapter where Genji and Tochujo are flying over seigaiha (numerous wave-like patterns). This costume is said to have belonged to Yohime, who was a daughter of the 11th Tokogawa lord and later became the wife of Nariyasu Maeda, the 13th lord of the Kaga clan.

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