Ekken-no-ma(Formal guest chamber)

The “Ekken-no-ma” was a formal guest chamber in the “buke-shoin” style used for official meetings.
Above the raised floor is a transom bordered with bird and flower designs, while the lower floor covers 18-jō (29 m2) and leads to a hall of 33-jō (53 m2).
The raised floor is an example of traditional Japanese residential architecture.
The wood in this room has a rich lacquer color, the walls are covered with sand and gold, and the wood paneling of the shoji (paper sliding doors) features an elegant painting of flowers and birds.

Ranma (Transom)

The transom is a single panel of cypress, both sides of which feature ceramics.
The Maeda family's master craftsman, Yugetsu Takeda, used natural mineral five-color pigments to paint a bird of paradise on old plum trees and camellias

Shippōyaki no kugikakushi (Cloisonne fittings)

In each room, fittings with special designs were frequently used, such as fusuma (sliding door) handles and decorative nailhead covers.
Metal art mixed with Kaga cloisonne was popular at this time. The combination of metal and glaze resulted in many arrangements of brilliantly colored fittings.