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    Summer Costumes worn by Wives of the Maeda Family


    Takako, a daughter of the Takatsukasa family, married into the Maeda family as the wife of the 12th lord. Yohime, the wife the 13th lord, married into the Maeda family from the dominant Tokugawa family. The other wives came from other parts of Japan such as Kishu, Aizu and Owari.
    The exhibition features unlined summer kimono that are embroidered and dyed, summer costumes made of thin silk, some unique furniture with the family crest and high-quality stationery used for calligraphy.


    July 4 - Sep 29, 2024 Closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays when Wednesday falls on a national holiday


    9:00〜17:00 (last admission at 16:30)


    Ages 19 & over700yen
    Age 13 up to 18300yen
    Age 6 up to 12250yen
    Group Rate (more than 20 people)
    Ages 19 & over600yen
    Age 13 up to 18250yen
    Age 6 up to 12200yen
    Admission for disability people
    Ages 19 & over350yen
    Age 13 up to 18250yen
    Age 6 up to 12200yen