Omoto-no-en-teien (Rhodea garden)

Although the streams from the Garden of Horsetails flow through the Rhodea Garden, which faces the bedroom, the Rhodea Garden's appearance is completely different.
The streams here become deeper, and their gentle flow has been devised ingeniously to fill the air with the sound of water, evoking a hidden arbor deep in a mountain valley.
In addition, the three evergreens in the center represent the longevity and auspiciousness associated in Japan with turtles.

Lucky Omen Turtles

Garden as Lucky Omen Turtles

Three evergreens are lined up in the middle of the Rhodea Garden and suggest "Kisshō turtles," whose meaning is auspicious.
The garden has been designed so that the sound of water will ensure peaceful sleep and, full of such care and thoughtfulness, expresses a desire for the daimyō's wife to live a long life.

Kame-no-ma (Turtle Room)

Facing the Rhodea Garden, this neatly designed bedroom has mosquito nets hanging from metal fittings in the pillars of the room's four corners.
Turtles, a symbol of long life, have been painted on sliding screens, with their number increasing on each successive screen.