• Themed Exhibition
    Marquis Maeda's ladies

    侯爵 前田家の夫人 展

    In 1869 the old shogunate government return the land and people from the feudal lords to the emperor. By that, principals had been changed job position.
    In addition, Toshitsugu Maeda was appointed as a marquis in the enactment of 1884.
    This time, we will introduce the Marquis of Saeko, Namiko, Kikuko and Masako with dresses "manteau de cour", furnishings and photos.


    Sep 26 - Nov 25, 2019 Closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays when Wednesday falls on a national holiday


    9:00〜17:00 (last admission at 16:30)


    Ages 19 & over700yen
    Age 13 up to 18300yen
    Age 6 up to 12250yen
    Group Rate (more than 20 people)
    Ages 19 & over600yen
    Age 13 up to 18250yen
    Age 6 up to 12200yen
    Admission for disability people
    Ages 19 & over350yen
    Age 13 up to 18250yen
    Age 6 up to 12200yen