• Special Exhibitions
    Hina Dolls and Hina Doll Implements Preserved by the Maeda Family


    Display of "Jirozaemon bina" and "Yusoku bina" dolls as well as hina doll implements such as gorgeous lacquerware with the Maeda Family crests and Nabeshima family crests.
    The "Jirozaemon bina" (round-faced hina dolls), the oldest in the Seison-kaku collection, have been preserved over many generations from the time of the fifth lord's wife. "Yusoku bina" are dolls dressed in costumes that perfectly reflect the elegant yet simple style of special clothing worn by courtiers.


    Nov 30, 2023 - Feb 4, 2024 Closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays when Wednesday falls on a national holiday


    9:00〜17:00 (last admission at 16:30)


    Ages 19 & over1000yen
    Age 13 up to 18400yen
    Age 6 up to 12300yen
    Group Rate (more than 20 people)
    Ages 19 & over800yen
    Age 13 up to 18300yen
    Age 6 up to 12200yen
    Admission for disability people
    Ages 19 & over500yen
    Age 13 up to 18300yen
    Age 6 up to 12200yen