Gosyo Ningyo, Mitate Ningyo, Benkei to Ushiwaka (Old Imperial Dolls, Guardian Dolls, Benkei the Warrior Monk and Ushiwaka the Military Commander)

Japan is one of the most distinguished "doll countries" in the world, and its doll traditions have continued to this day, contrary to most other "doll countries."
In the middle of the Edo Period old imperial palace dolls were coated with several layers of white pigment (seashell powder), then heavily polished in the final stage. The eyes, mouths, and fingertips of the young doll figures are endowed with rich expressive power, and the simplicity and elegance seen in a number of them demonstrates their excellence.
Various dolls were created from the desire for a child's healthy growth. The Benkei and Ushiwaka figures are portrayed as famous heroes, and such dolls are called “Guardian Dolls.”